Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HASIDIC NEW WAVE, Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday was a busy day in the studio. Our project's producer, Greg Wall, had his own band, Hasidic New Wave come into the studio to record a session for the album. The band gets its unique sound by combining spiritual songs from Hasidic dynasties to funk and a Hasidic version of Medeski, Martin & Wood, if you can imagine. The band is made up of Greg Wall (tenor sax), Frank London (trumpet), David Fiuczynski (guitar), Aaron Alexander (percussion), and Fima Ephron (bass). The day was so beautiful that during part of the recording session, we opened the front door to the studio and let the sunshine stream in.

The Klezmershack had this to say after seeing the band perform live...

"What we have here is not a clean, safe, Ben Sidron version of Jewish jazz (which, I might add, is quite pleasant in its place, even if its place tends not to be my house). Listening to Frank London and Greg Wall intertwine as they conclude their exploration of the limits of the traditional "Tzur Mishelo," for instance, or to simply hear the driving opening chords of the "Satmer Hakafos #6," one realizes that this is not random exploration, but exploration rooted in a specific cultural experience. "

The picture featured above is of Aaron and Fima enjoying the beautiful day outside of the studio...

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