Friday, May 2, 2008


Welcome friends! Good fortune has brought you across this site, which is the official blog for Pioneers For A Cure. Pioneers For A Cure was started in early 2008, by the non-profit organization Joodayoh Arts. Cancer has emerged as a top killer worldwide, even surpassing HIV/AIDS in the developing world. In an effort to raise funds to support organizations pioneering new methods in cancer treatment and research, Pioneers For A Cure has gathered some of today’s top Jewish musical artists to record the music of the pioneers of Israel…The Chalutzim. For the next few months, this site will document the entire process, session by session. The recorded songs will then be made into a CD available online for purchase through All proceeds from each download will go directly to the cancer charity selected by each artist. Users will be able to log on and purchase songs directly, as well as leave an additional contribution of their own, or even a dedication to a loved one.

The original pioneers of music and culture in Israel inspired the idea for the project, as well as the name. As Jews began to emigrate to their ancestral homeland in increasing numbers towards the end of the 19th century, a bizarre melting pot was formed. Although well seasoned with the passion of return it at first had no distinct flavor. How could the nation to be come together as one voice when they lacked a melody to carry it? What were the songs of Zion?

In an unprecedented attempt to create a cultural base, composers were challenged to write new folk music, a soundtrack to the formation of a new country. The words and melody were printed on postcards, which were mailed across Palestine, Europe, and Asia Minor.

In the 1930s musicologist Hans Nathan, completely captivated by the idea of using postcards to spread the new music, decided to send postcards to such leading Jewish composers as Aaron Copeland, Darius Milhaud, Kurt Weill, Stephan Wolpe, Arthur Honneger, Ernst Toch. They enthusiastically responded with settings for the new Israeli music. Pioneers For A Cure producer Greg Wall, in tribute to the postcard project, sent cards via email to today’s bright lights of Jewish music; Neshama Carlebach, Pharaoh's Daughter, Rashanim, Adrienne Cooper, Noah Solomon, Frank London and others.

Please revisit the site often to stay updated on this exciting project!

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